Brand Creation

Step one – create a great logo. If you already have one, we employ that great image to carve out your place in customers’ memories. How you visually display your business on the web and print of any kind must have a strong identity. It starts with a logo then combined with a great color scheme, font guidelines, consistent language and images of your team and products are your brand.


Think about cattle, when you put a brand on your cattle, it likely represents a particular breed, quality based on the farming practices that are put in place by the owner. The pride of the rancher, all the decisions they make to produce great cattle gets summed up in one small visual symbol. You can have a logo without a brand, but you can’t have a brand without a logo. 

Creating a brand is based on more than what looks cool at the time.

Questions we ask when creating a brand and logo for our clients are:

  1. What do you do best?
  2. What do you want to do the most of?
  3. What kind of customers do you want?
  4. What kind of customer service makes you better than your competitors?
  5. Why should people choose you?
  6. Basically, we’re trying to find inspiration to visual elements based on the identity of your business.
    When the essence of a business is represented well, it’s easier for people to spend money with you!